I’m a person that favors a kind of aesthetic that strikes a particular chord in people. I enjoy the “cool” aspects of a culture and the passion contained by the human condition allowing such a distinct foundation to blossom. The heart that beats within an engine bay, detonating highly potent chemicals to perform a dominating act upon its internal components. Sliver after sliver of rubber revolting against the property of friction as wheels burst free, tearing from the tacky grasp of asphalt. I enjoy the experience of interacting with this mechanical obsession. The unforgiving love and constraining passion that a mind full of gears looks for to alleviate that build up of normality.

Aside from an intense love for burning rubber and speed my second love is not far behind. I am a craftsman by nature. I am particular, innovative, and I quickly find solutions to overcome problems. I have yet to find something I cannot construct. I was blessed with an ability to find balance and beauty in all forms as well as a work ethic that sustains until a task is completed.